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Backer Builder

With the biggest database of backers, Backer Database provides access to over 600,000 crowdfunding supporters to network, engage and promote your campaigns.

PR Blaster

Stop wasting money on press releases and use our PR Blaster to reach 1000's of targeted influential journalists and bloggers.

Campaign Audit

Get your campaign analysed and fine tuned by our crowdfunding experts based on 100's of check points.

Social Audit

Based on the data from millions of campaigns, we analyse your social media presence to set a realistic funding goal.

Social Wall

Provide a single URL that brings together all your social media activities on a single page, helping to streamline your campaign promotions.

Project Tracker

Impress and get more backers by providing a platform to visually communicate the project progress and status with your supporters.

Media Database

Reach 1000's of high impact bloggers, journalists and media personals to build traction and get the attention your campaign deserves.

Budget/ Goal Calculator

Determine the goal your campaign should achieve, what rewards you should offer for backers and how you should financially plan the whole project with the budget calculator.

Advanced Analytics

Fine tune your crowdfunding project using the advanced analytic reports based on the data from millions of campaigns across various crowdfunding platforms. 

Social CRM/ Collaboration Tools

Tools to manage/ monitor your new social leads and collaborate with your associates. (provided by

Monitor Mentions/ Reviews

Monitor and act on mentions or reviews about your campaign/ products online. Find whom to influence to make your project a huge success with advanced tools. (from

Marketing AutoPilot

Automate social media promotion and schedule posts in advance. Find influencers, send auto welcome messages/ re tweets, follow/ unfollow and get more supporters in autopilot. (from

Professional SEO services

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Kickstart and boost your campaigns with backer database innovative platform.

Campaign Audit

Campaign Audit

Our experts will manually analyse your crowdfunding project and cross check it with 100's of check points identified by analysing millions of campaigns. Based on the analysis, a detailed report will be created to fine tune your campaign.


Crowdfunding Social Guage

Social Audit

Based on the data from millions of campaigns across various crowdfunding platforms, we analyse your social media stats on twitter, facebook and google+ to make sure your funding requirements are realistic. Use our backer leads platform to connect with more backers and improve the success rate of the project.

Crowdfunding Backer Builder

Backer Builder

With the biggest database of supporters, Backer Database provides access to over 600,000 crowdfunding supporters on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkdin, Tumblr etc. Network, engage and promote your campaign with targeted supporters who have previously backed crowdfunding projects of similar nature.

Crowdfunding Campaign PR Blaster

PR Blaster

Stop wasting money on press releases and use our Media Blaster to reach 1000's of influential journalists and bloggers.


Social Wall

Social Wall

Provide a single URL that brings together all your social media activities on a single page. Your supporters don't have to visit multiple social media sites to know about the campaigns. Social wall is a vital tool for any crowdfunding campaigns.

Project Management

Project Tracker

The web accessible project tracker tool will improve the confidence of your backers and inturn helps to gain more supporters. Backers will be able to keep track of the projects they have invested in and help to save your valuable time replying to 100's of emails.

Budget Calculator

Goal/ Budget Calculator

Setting the project goal precisely is a crucial for the success of a crowdfunding project.  Use our budget calculator to determine what rewards you can offer the backers and how you should budget it.

Advanced Analytics

Based on the data from millions of campaigns, our advanced analytic's provide the stats and figures to fine tune your crowdfunding project.

Media Database

Media database provides one of the biggest list of highly influential bloggers and journalist. Contact them directly to promote your crowdfunding campaign to their readers.

Platform Analysis

Confused about which platform to choose for your crowdfunding project? Use our platform analysis feature to find the best platform for your campaign category and improve the success rate. The platform analysis data is updated on a hourly basis.

Category Review

Having trouble in choosing the right category for your project? Compare the success rate, average funds raised and other important data points across multiple platforms to choose the ideal category for your campaign.

Campaigns Analysis

Get an analytical view of current and past campaigns, success rates and goal ranges to optimise or fine tune your own campaign.

Reward Analysis

Right rewards at right price is a very important factor for determining the success rate of a campaign. Our reward analysis tool compares millions of campaigns to derive the best reward scheme for your campaign.

Backer Analysis

Backer analysis provides an in-depth insight into the crowdfunding supporters in different categories. Find all the data you required to frame, target and plan your campaign promotions effectively.

2nd Project Analysis

Ready to host a second crowdfunding campaign ? Use our 2nd project analysis data to make your campaigns a huge success.

Goal Analysis

Setting the right funding goal is important for the success of any crowdfunding project. Goal Analytics provides insights into the average funding range across several categories.

Pledge Analysis

Pledge analysis provides an in-depth data on average pledges per crowdfunding category. Use it together with the other tools to fine tune your campaigns funding requirements and projections.

Regular Updates

Our database is updated on a regular basis and in most cases, atleast once in 60 minutes. This provides up-to-date information for making right decisions.

Join the world’s largest database of active crowdfunding supporters. Get backers for your campaign now

Identify and engage with backers and targeted supporters on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and more…


Facebook hosts some of the largest crowdfunding backer communities and plays a very important role in the success of a campaign. Find and connect with potential facebook supporters for your campaign.


With milions of blogs and blog posts, tumblr is a rich source of bloggers interested in crowdfunding campaigns. Connect with them to reach thousands of potential backers for your campaign.


Find and engage with twitter users who have supported campaign similar to yours. Use the Advanced search features from Backers Database to streamline your twitter campaign.


Find previous campaign supporters on reddit, filter by category and expand your network with ultra targeted crowdfunding supporters.


Use google+ to find previous campaign supporters, filter them by project category, expand your g+ circle and promote your campaigns.

Forums & Blogs

Using Backer Database, discover and participate in forums that actively discuss about crowdfunding projects and play a key role in influencing backers.

Millions of bloggers regularly write about crowdfunding projects and getting support from these authors is important to assure the success of your project.

Reach highly influential bloggers, optimize your crowdfunding campaign and get supporters on social media with Backer Database.

Crowdfunding Press Release Distribution

Gain exposure with press release from Backer Database. Distribute your crowdfunding press release to 100+ news sites & business blogs